Talking Hot Dog’s 12 showbiz secrets from the stars

“Follow the funny,” they say. I did just that, all the way to Montreal, Canada, for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. And guess what? I’m basically a professional comedian now.

It certainly was a whirlwind! I’d never traveled overseas before. Fortunately, the language barrier wasn’t much of an issue, except I found some of the Australians hard to understand.

I chatted it up and shot the funny with so many up-and-coming comedians, including Ron Funches, Jim Norton, Andy Kindler, Kumail Nanjiani, Iliza Shlesinger —the list goes on and on! Seriously, folks, these guys are going to be big someday.

Watch all my interviews here.

But best of all, I learned so much about the business we call show! Here’s a round-up of the most important things I learned. Read, like, share, and then follow me on Twitter, because I’m just a few tweets away from appearing on the Tonight Show.

Sleep your way to the top.

Comedy is all about puns.

Observational comedy is my strength.

Deal with sensitive issues by being a jackass.

Learn a few magic tricks.

Timing is everything.

Be more creative telling people what you do for a living.

Know where to draw the line.

First impressions are everything.

Act like you’ve been there before.

Have a plan for hecklers.

But most importantly, remember to laugh.

Those were just a few of my peers that I interviewed. For all the interviews, watch on the No You Shut Up YouTube channel.

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