Finally! You Can Work Out Without Getting Your Lazy A$$ Off the Chair

One new invention might give you the luxury of becoming the ultimate multi-tasker and burning calories as you sit on your fat butt!

Introducing the Cubii, the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer designed specifically for your workspace.

Now you can work, while you work out!

Cubii lets you use simple, unconscious leg motions — preventing any distraction from regular work — in an elliptical motion, that along with appropriate foot angles ensures a smooth and comfortable motion.

Because if there’s one thing exercising should be is comfortable!

It’s time to evolve. Our primal ancestors were active. They had to be to survive, but now evolution has changed the daily life and caused use to be sedentary.

And sitting is killing us !!!

But no more! It’s time to move toward the future:

Why? Because we have technology!

Along with the elliptical movements, Bluetooth integration with your smartphone will let you keep track of your activity via a mobile app — and all that thumb tapping might burn off a few extra calories.

Just make sure that you bring some air fresheners in case you start stinking up the neighboring cubicles.

The product is currently looking to crowd fund enough money to continue the development. The Kickstarter page has managed to collect over $180,000 in donations from backers — surpassing its intended goal of $80,000.

All images courtesy of Cubii’s Kickstarter page