Wider, Pink Parking Spots For Women Cause Controversy in China

Women get a bad rap for being bad drivers. And now a shopping mall in China is perpetuating that stereotype by creating 10 pink, extra-wide parking spots just for women.

Credit: Weibo.com

Painted in hot pink, the spaces are marked as “respectfully reserved for ladies” in Mandarin.

The spacing is about 11 inches wider than usual parking spots.

So, basically the mall just told women:

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Some female drivers appreciated the wider spots. But others called them sexist and disrespectful.

A mall manager said the spaces were created to make parking more convenient for female shoppers.

I mean what do they fear would happen if women park in normal spaces?

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Or maybe something like …

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This is an outrage. I am sure the women of China are as able bodied drivers as anyone else, and don’t need to be patronized!

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Eh, Surely they are better than Miami drivers.