Man Breaks World Record With Awesome Homer Simpson Tattoos

Lee Weir, a 27-year-old man from Auckland, New Zealand, loves “The Simpsons” — as in, he REALLY loves “The Simpsons.”

Enough to be awarded the Guinness World Record for “Most Tattoos Of The Same Cartoon Character Tattooed On The Body.”

That’s right. Weir’s love of Homer is so deep and enduring that he has forever embedded the Simpson patriarch’s face on his body — more than once.

Weir has 41 tattoos of Homer Simpson tattooed on his left arm in various states, according to Guinness World Records.

And c’mon, who wouldn’t want to have this good looking mug forever emblazoned on their skin?

Credit: Giphy

There’s Homer as a jack-in-the-box, Homer as the Grim Reaper, Mr. Sparkle Homer, muumuu-clad Homer, Homer in a Vishnu costume, Homer the Hulk, and Homer as a donut.

Credit: Twitter/ @LeeWeird

What would lead someone to do this? Actually, one of his motivating factors was indeed to break the world record, which he ultimately did.

To accomplish his goal, Lee spent upwards of 25 hours in the chair getting inked. He gave up alcohol for a year, choosing to spend his beer money on more Homer tatts. Someone give that guy a Duff!

Credit: Guinness World Records