Drone News: Unmanned Aerial Cameras Will Photograph Your Wedding

I now pronounce you man and wife — now smile for the drone!

With the rise in new commercial uses for drones, one photography studio is taking wedding pictures to the skies.

An Iowa wedding photography company, Picture Perfect Portrait and Design, has added aerial drone photography to its services for brides and grooms.

Yes. A drone could be the photographer on your big day, for only $400 for a 30-minute “drone shoot.”

“There are endless possibilities for camera angles that no other photographer can get,” owner Dale Stierman told The Huffington Post.

A drone shoot that Stierman did last week at the Grand Harbor Resort in Dubuque, Iowa resulted in these two photos:

Photo courtesy of Picture Perfect Portrait & Design

Photo courtesy of Picture Perfect Portrait & Design

Drones are already being used as bartenders in Las Vegas, being requested for use by Amazon as delivery machines, and as search tools in Texas.

Besides, what could it hurt to have a drone whizzing by the wedding, snapping pictures of your special day?

What could possibly go wrong?

Would you invite a drone to your wedding?