Marvel Comics Diversifies and Reinvents Some Of Its Heroes

Marvel has been making some big changes to their super-hero lineup over the past week.

First, it was announced on ABC’s The View, that Thor would be remagined as a women in the new comics series.

Credit: Twitter/@Marvel

Then on Wednesday, Marvel announced on The Colbert Report that the new Captain America will be African-American.

The new Captain America role will be taken over byFalcon, a black superhero.

Credit: Twitter/@Marvel

Marvel is diversifying its cast of superheroes after 50 years of creating a universe dominated by a white male cast.

Iron Man is also getting a new look as Superior Iron-Man.

Credit: Twitter/@TomTaylorMade

However, as MTV Newswas quick to point out, the creators haven’t said if Tony Stark will be returning to wear the power suit, or if he’ll be substituted by someone else. After swapping the genders and race of two other superheroes, could we see an Iron Man’s role given to an Asian or Hispanic? Could we have a gay Iron Man? Or an Iron Woman?

For now, the changes made in the comic books will not effect Hollywood’s casting of superhero stars.

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. will still play The Avengers on the big screen.

So far, there are no rumors about changes to The Hulk — but perhaps that’s because no one wants to make him angry.

Marvel is owned by Disney, a parent company of Fusion