Your Fantasy of Seeing All 50 States Re-imagined as ‘Game of Thrones’ Kingdoms Is a Reality

Imagine the United States of America as the “Game Of Thrones” continent of Westeros and the 50 states as the Seven Kingdoms — each with their own sigil (banners).

And of course some mysterious and powerful message as their motto.

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Thanks to one Redditor by the name of Boo-yay, that idea has become a reality.

Drawing from actual state mottos, American history and cultural references these banners are just what any American “Game Of Thrones” fan needs as they painfully wait for Season 5 to come out in 200 years!

These were all made on Join The Realm sigil generation tool.

New York




Our real world “King’s Landing” also has a coat of arms. Even the District Of Columbia joined in on the fun with a message that we pray to the old gods and the new be true.

Washington, D.C.

Even our territories have been given their own coat of arms, because even though they aren’t part of the kingdom, they’re proud Americans.

Puerto Rico


We were able to find the redditor, Anthony Boulier a.k.a Boo-yay, who created the album and had the chance to ask him a few questions:

So the obvious question, these aren’t just the 50 states, they’re also the territories that’s nearing 60 sigils, how long did this take you to make?

Boo-yay: Over the course of a week it took about 10-14 hours. After the 15th one I pretty much mastered the JoinTheRealm generator which sped up the process. The last 5 took me about 20 minutes

I read that this all started on reddit, tell me how this idea began?

Boo-yay: Thought it’d be cool if we had cool banners as our state flags and I was bored. Haha. I did Florida first since I’m from there and liked it a lot. Definitely a lot more than out actual flag. So i decided to try a few more states. The I was like ‘What the hell? Let’s do all 50.’ After I posted them a friend was let down I didn’t do one for D.C. So I decided to add the territories.

How much help did you get from the Reddit community, did you bounce ideas off of them? Did they offer any ideas to you?

Boo-yay: No. I originally did this for fun on my own. Then posted it to r/GameOfThrones and didn’t really think much of it. I woke up the next day to check in on it and saw it on the from page with a couple hundred comments. I did change one the mottos after I posted it though. The Louisiana motto was in French and Google translate really let me down which other reddit users weren’t afraid to let me know.

Have you seen any copycats since then or people expanding on what you’ve already done?

Boo-yay: Not really any copy cats. I saw a few pop up on reddit. Someone made one for all the provinces for Canada, and another user made some for Europe. I’ve also seen a few “corrections”; people redoing their state (which I encourage).

I know the banners are based off of American history and also some cultural references, did you poke fun at any states with the images or mottos?

Boo-yay: Delaware. I made two for them. One with their motto, and another with a Wayne’s World reference. Hawaii i made the motto “Aloha”. Texas got a play on their famous anti-littering slogan “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Are you amazed how popular this became?

Boo-yay: Very. I wasn’t expecting to take off the way it did. I thought I would get a couple up-votes just because I made 56 of them.

And after seeing how popular it’s gotten are you thinking doing other either “Game Of Thrones” inspired projects or anything like this? Have you gotten people asking you to make similar, I guess you could say ‘fan-art’?

Boo-yay: A lot of people have been asking me to do major cities, and every country. I’m tempted to try and do every country, but that would be around 200 sigils and I feel I couldn’t do them justice. Someone suggested making poster sized prints. But I won’t.

Well, thanks for your time.

Boo-yay: Not a problem.

You can view the full album on on anthonybooyay’s imgur