Whoa. These 3D Tattoos Will Blow Your Mind

Tattoos are nothing new, but an innovative style of ink is creating mind-blowingly realistic images on people’s bodies.

The rise in popularity of 3D tattoos has been going on for a while. The trend of having realistic works of art on people’s bodies is creating some strange optical illusions.

Some Tumblr and Facebook pages now house incredible shots of people’s 3D tattoos.

Like this one, which makes it look like the leg has been carved like a wooden mantelpiece. Exquisite craftsmanship!

Credit: Tumblr/sovereignphobia

Or this one, which looks like a sketch right out of the early 1900’s. Ah, nostalgia!

Credit: Tumblr/tigershout

And for the anime freak in all of us, this tattoo of “One Piece” character Luffy and his superpower of elasticity!

Credit: Tumblr/letsstartfangirling

Some are clever.

Credit: Facebook/3D Tattoos

Some are… just… creepy.

Credit: Facebook/3D Tattoos

What’s the next big thing for the body art movement? Personally, we’re rooting for glow-in-the-dark tattoos.