New Wearable Tech Puts Smartphone Notifications in the Palm–Or Rather, Back–Of Your Hand

Forget push notifications: How about projection notifications? Imagine getting tweets, texts, and the time beamed directly onto your hand, and you have yourself the newest piece of wearable technology.

The Ritot watch is fitness band, smart watch and stylish bracelet all fused together and able to fit comfortably around your wrist.

The unique part about this gadgets is that it can display all your pressing notifications right there onto the backside of your hand.

Excuse me, miss, I think someone tweeted you.

Hey dude, someone’s Facebook messaging you.

Hold on, I think someone’s calling me.

The company is using Indiegogo to crowdfund money for development of the watch.

As of now they’ve raised more than $200,000–more than quadrupling their initial $50,000 goal.

This “projection watch” supports all the basic notifications like caller ID, text messages, emails and even status updates from Facebook and Twitter. It will also project the time.

Users will be able to control notifications through a separate app.

The Ritots are waterproof and will come in 20 colors.

All images courtesy of Ritot’s Indiegogo Gallery