Weird Al Is Back With a New Song and It’s ‘Tacky’

Weird Al Yankovic has always been “Tacky” and in his new parody video he shows us just why.

The ageless comedian (literally this guys hasn’t aged since his first parody songs in the 1980s) who has blessed us with classic hits like “Amish Paradise” and “White and Nerdy,” now has taken the popular Pharrell song “Happy” and created true happiness!

This time he’s got some help from other comedians. His new song features some guest appearances from…

Aisha Tyler

Margaret Cho

Eric Stonestreet

Kristen Schaal

and Jack Black

Sad part is he told NPR in an interview this weekend, he wanted to “really do what is ostensibly my last album with a big splash.”

What? Last album? Sniff, sniff! No more studio albums.

However the good news is that he’s just done with studio albums so expect more parody joy on the Internet from good ol’ Al!

But don’t think he’s done just yet! Starting today, Al is posting eight new music videos from the new album to his YouTube page — yup that’s right SEVEN more videos are still yet to come!

Why? Because he’s ‘tacky’!