Bear Week: Dispatch from P-Town’s Festival for Big Gay Men

Welcome to Provincetown, Massachusetts, better known as “P-Town.” The town, located on the tip of Cape Cod, is known for its breathtaking beaches and quaint neighborhoods. It’s also known as one of the most-visited gay destinations in the summer.

For the next week, Fusion producers, Mitchell Williams and Ignacio Torres, will be bringing you the latest from one of P-Town’s most-visited summer festivals – Bear Week – a destination for hairy, masculine gay men. It’s a weeklong event where everything comes a little bigger and hairier.

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From the packed parties and shops profiting from hungry Bears…

To the men who travel thousands of miles to make the summer heat a little more Bear-able — no worries, the puns are endless…

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Day 2: Forget Hibernation…The Bears Are Out To Party

The party continues on our second day at Bear Week in Provincetown. The New England gay resort town that for one week celebrates the thousands of masculine, gay, hairy men that come to play, eat, drink and party.

We couldn’t miss one of the biggest events of the week – the Bear Cruise. Over 900 of the hairiest men cramped into a boat to dance, drink and of course eat! Here are some of the highlights of what turned out to be one of the most fun, hairy and sweaty nights yet.

One man was dressed for the occasion with his mom’s very own teddy bear t-shirt design.

We may be two days into the trip…but we can’t stop admiring the impressive beards and the body hair.

Our producer Mitchell Williams, center, is no Goldilocks…he’s one of the bears.

And of course…the breathtaking sunsets at P-Town.

Day: 3 Some Would Call It Bear Soup

In P-Town some folks go to church, but the majority go to Tea Dance. The three hour debacle where hundreds of bears this week gather in the town’s iconic venue, The Boatslip, and have the time of their lives.

Hosted every evening, this has become a ritual in the resort town. For Bear Week, Tea has a theme – All The Singlet Ladies. Which if you have no idea of what a singlet is, it’s the tight fitting one-piece worn by wrestlers and this week so will bears. Here are some photos just to give you an idea.

Some are short.

Some are more fitting.

And some just can’t stay up.

Oh yeah, and we found our favorite bear with another appropriate outfit…

But back to singlets…sometimes they they fit so well they make you dance like a bear in a Charmin commercial.

In P-Town, There Are Plenty Of Bear Hugs To Go Around

At first sight, the image of hundreds of hairy bearded men filling up the streets of a small town in Cape Cod can be intimidating. Bear Week happens to be the second busiest week of the year in P-Town which means crowded restaurants that lead to large profits for local business owners.

Photo: Rebecca and Sean Orchant, Owners of Pop + Dutch Deli in Provincetown

“For bear week, I’ve made more potato salad than I have done in my entire life,” Rebecca Orchant owner of the local deli Pop + Dutch that opened two months ago prior to the summer season.

The Deli took the place of a notorious leather deli that served for years as a staple during Bear week. The Orchants wanted to maintain the spirit and offer the products that once were popular in the shop, hence their slogan: Sandwhiches. Salads. Lube.

Prior to Bear Week, the couple ordered additional meats and cheeses after having been warned by other business owners who know how much Bears eat and spend during the week. There are four days left and the couple says they will need to make an additional trip for Roast Beef.

“They love to eat and I love to feed them. It’s been the best.” Says Orchant.

And while events like Bear Week brings thousands of gay men worldwide, the town continues to be a hit destination for families wanting to visit the charming town.

Visitors like Nick from Simsbury, Connecticut who says it’s not the first time he and his wife have visited the town during Bear Week. For the couple and their family, Bear Week is full of nice men that set the perfect atmosphere for a family vacation.

“Bear week is a fun time. We’ve been here for a number of bear weeks and we are here to have dinner,” Nick – who totally could have been a bear himself – shared with us.

Year-round the town has a population of close to 3,000 residents which drastically jumps ten fold during the summer season.