Jason Biggs, Leo DiCaprio Photobomb Jenny Mollen’s Interview

Jenny Mollen makes people talk…a lot. From her obsession with her husband’s exes, to her raunchy tweets, Mollen self-identities as “crazy.”

In her new book, “I Like You Just the Way I Am,” Mollen says that women come in two types: those that are “totally batsh*t crazy,” and those “who are liars.”

In an interview with Fusion’s Alicia Menendez Mollen puts herself in the first group, saying, “crazy is just a word that boring people use to describe fun people.”

Mollen also opened up about her feud with former Full House star, Candace Cameron Bure. Cameron was taken aback by some of Mollen’s stories —particularly the one about when Mollen surprised her husband, Jason Biggs, with a birthday hooker.

Cameron, who learned about the story when she guest-hosted the View, said: “How is that a great story? I’m sorry, how is hiring a hooker for your husband’s birthday, how is having threesomes, how is that celebrated? I have a hard time finding the humor in that, as a woman who has been married for 18 years.”

When Menendez asked her about Cameron’s comment, Mollen wondered aloud about what Cameron’s husband would think about the possibility of a threesome. “He’s been married to her for 18 years, so I think he wouldn’t think it was such a crazy idea.”

Mollen admitted that sharing her personal —and at times intimate—moments in her book was nerve-racking, but says she wanted to present an authentic image of herself.

“I’m putting these things out there…It’s not that I’m not, you know, embarrassed by some of the content in the book, I’m just not ashamed of it,” she told Menendez.

Mollen is a star in her own right, despite her highly publicized marriage with American Pie darling Jason Biggs. When Menendez asked Mollen if she worries she’ll always be the “almost-hired actress” because of her Hollywood marriage, our interview got photo-bombed by Biggs and the “Wolf” of Oscars (Talk about an epic moment).

Watch the full interview with Jenny Mollen:

Credit: Connie Fossi, Bianca Perez, Paola Bolano and Victoria Moreno