A day in the life of Jessica, the content creator of the future

faith popcorn

Faith Popcorn is a futurist and consultant. She is best known for a book that came out in 1991 that predicted trends for the rest of the decade (some came true, sorta).

And she’s still at it.

In January, she presented a slide deck called “FutureVision2025,” which lays out her vision of the workforce of tomorrow. We stumbled upon the presentation this weekend.

Its main character is Jessica, a young woman living in the year 2025. You can see what Jessica is like above.

She seems pretty great: cool jobs — multiple ones, in fact; an apparently steady partner; and a kid, the responsibility for whom she splits up between three other people.

And her day is fascinating. Let’s check it out.

It starts off early in the morning. News reports show a unit of VitaFeed, which is some kind of content company, is booming. So, its robot workforce will have to be tweaked to be even more productive. faith popcorn jessica 2025

At 10, she has to interview human job applicants for a manager position at OccuXTravel, a virtual travel agency. After robots began to take over more and more of the workforce, it seems, the government began mandating a human worker quota for all companies, that if not met, results in a hefty tax.

This candidate seems qualified — just look at his pecs and facial hair!

Faith Popcorn jessica 2025

Jessica has some kind of chip implanted into her brain that allows her to communicate in Mandarin for her big virtual trip to China next week. China has presumably been declared an environmental no-go zone after the government banned further efforts to discuss pollution problems there, resulting in runaway smog. A virtual trip seems the safest bet at this point.

Faith Popcorn Jessica 2025

Apparently workers have unionized (or at least formed an “alliance”), and Jessica participates in their holographic meetings. However something strange apparently happens to your skin when you get beamed in…

Faith Popcorn Jessica 2025

Neurotext is the other company Jessica creates content for — everyone works for all of the “content distributors” now. If she hits her targets she gets a vacation bonus.

faith popkin jessica 2025

Work is over by 3:30, so for the afternoon she attends a yoga class that is free from the possibility of pose one-upsmanship — since it literally takes place in her head.

faith popcorn jessica 2025

Eating is apparently not a priority in Jessica’s life — we have no idea if, when, or what she has for lunch or dinner.

But at the end of the day she has something called “synesthesia sex” with her human boyfriend David. It looks pretty good — but, she still has her brainchip send out extra chemicals to allow her to sleep better.

Faith Popcorn Jessica 2025

There are some unanswered questions about Jessica. What is her relationship to Ashley and Emma, her co-parents? She also clearly wants more kids, since she had her eggs frozen. Does she plan to get married to David at some point?

We’ve reached out to Popcorn (née Faith Plotkin) to address some of these issues, and hope to have more info soon.