Hollywood Cast to Build Real Life ‘Iron Man’ Suit for the Military

The soldier of the future may look like Iron Man thanks to the Department of Defense and Hollywood.

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, is the brainchild of Navy Adm. William H. McRaven, the commander of Special Operations Command. He challenged industry and defense representatives at a SOCOM conference in May to come up with the concepts and technologies to make an Iron Man suit a reality.

The TALOS Team uses a variety of techniques for mockup designs, including foam fabrication. Photo by Chelsea Hamashin

Hollywood designers are among those recruited to create prototypes of the suit. According to the Verge, special effects maker Legacy Effects, which actually created the Iron Man suit for the movies, as well as other “power suits” for films like Captain America and RoboCop, has become involved.

The photo below shows what the current Special Operation uniforms look like. They’re designed for a variety of different climates and situations.

Photo by Chelsea Hamashin

And THIS is what they hope to create. These are the TALOS artists’ renditions of the futuristic uniforms for Special Operations.

Photos by Chelsea Hamashin

In a press release by Department of Defense they said they hope the new uniforms will provide the operators with super-human strength and the ability to increase the wearer’s “situational awareness” via real time battlefield information.

The suit will be embedded with sensors that will track body temperature, heart rate and hydration levels and will even be able to start administering life saving oxygen or aid in bleeding wounds if the operator gets hurt.

The suits were projected to be ready for testing by this summer with an August 2018 date for use on the field. As of now they have $80 million ear-marked for research and development, but many project the cost will be in the billions.

Credit: Jonathan Muñoz