Images of Alleged UFOs Released by Chilean Government

Pictures of UFOs have been released from the Chile government.

Which can only mean one thing…

Ok, so no pictures of little green men have surfaced but there have been quite a few documented anomalies over the skies of a Chilean copper mine.

And like any other photographs of UFOs, they’re blurry smudges far off in the distance.

The images were taken and compiled by a government organization called the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, or CEFAA.

The committee describes its mission as:

“… to collect, analyze and study all reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) that occur in the country, through a serious, objective and scientific research for the purpose of determining whether endangered safety of air operations, thus contributing to the safety of aviation in Chile.”

All of the image are courtesy of the CEFAA.

Here you can see the object quite clearly as it’s a clear day.

Forget about the plane for a second and look up just to the upper right-hand corner to spot the alleged UFO.

This one is tough: It’s at the upper left-hand corner.

Clearly they’re not definitive evidence, but they are sure to raise speculation among UFOlogists. We know at least one Canadian government official, one city in Mexico, and one religious leader who will be following developments in this story.