4th of July Hangover? Blame Your Brain

Scientists have discovered the part of the brain linked to hangovers (also known as that “never again” feeling). But you may want to hold off on any voluntary lobotomies. Its called the lateral habenula (LHb) and its an important part of your brain.

The LHb helps you learn from you mistakes. Its also linked to depression and avoidance behaviors. The more you damage your LHb, the more likely you are to repeat bad behaviors.

However, its unclear if killing your brain cells with Jägerbombs causes any specific damage to the LHb.

Researchers found lab rats with a surgically damaged LHb were more likely to binge drink and to continue binge drinking. Meanwhile, rats with a healthy LHb eventually gave up the sauce.

So, what do a bunch of drunk rats have to do with people? Scientist suspect an inactive LHb may contribute to alcoholism as the person fails to learn how excessive tequila shots may lead to punching babies (or learning that punching babies is really really bad).

However, this hypothesis remains unproven. Still, you should never punch a baby, no matter how hungover you are.