Flying With British Airways? They’ve Got You Covered… In Lights and Electrodes

In an innovative feat of technology, British Airways has changed the game forever with the introduction of the “happiness blanket.”

Credit: YouTube

This rave-in-a-blanket is woven with fiber optics and uses neuro-sensors to measure a person’s brainwaves and changes color accordingly, from red (when anxious) to blue (when calm).

“Using technology like the British Airways ‘happiness blanket’ is another way for us to investigate how our customers’ relaxation and sleep is affected by everything onboard, from the amount of light in the cabin, when they eat, to what in-flight entertainment they watch and their position in the seat,” Frank van der Post, a British Airways managing director, said in a press release.

How is wearing one of these not relaxing?

Credit: YouTube

The airline hopes that by monitoring a person’s sleep and relaxation pattern during a flight, they’ll be able to make improvements to in-flight service.

Because let’s be honest: What’s more relaxing on a transatlantic flight then kicking your feet up and strapping yourself with wires to an electronic blanket?

But on the bright side, if they sell these on flights to take home, they could tap into a whole new customer base of EDM festival travelers.

Credit: Tumblr/status-excessu