Emoj.li: The Emoji-Only Social Media App

If you’re tired of communicating with words and letters and other alphabet parts, then get ready for the greatest new social network site, Emojili.

The creators told the HuffPost that they came up with the idea after using the ‘Yo’ app, an app who’s single use is to send out a mass text of ‘Yo’ as part of an effort to raise a million dollars.

In the YouTube videos describing the site, they claim that spam and hashtags and things of that sort have “broken” traditional social media sites.

The sites Twitter account already confirmed that they’ve had 10,000 usernames already reserved.

The site might just become popular considering that the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulates the coding standards for written computer text, announced that 250 new emojis.

It would seem that now is the perfect moment as possibilities are endless (or at least expanded). The app, which is set to launch on iOS this summer.

I just feel bad for the person who ended up with …

Credit: Emojipedia