IRL ‘Inception’: Lucid Dreaming Could Soon Be a Reality

Move over Leonardo DeCaprio, because two California engineers are bring “Inception” to life. Have you ever wanted to be able to explore dreams, manipulate a world and make that totem top spin forever?

New technology could soon make controlling your dreams a reality.

Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley’s company iWinks, based in California, is already on it.

The company says that iWink “empowers individuals by granting access to mother nature’s own Virtual Reality — the lucid dream.”

What’s lucid dreaming? Skipping all the scientific mumbo jumbo, it’s when you become aware that you’re dreaming while you are sleeping. Then you can try to control and guide your dreams.

Some people are able to naturally do it, but some might need a little training. That is if you’re willing to wear a headband to sleep.

Credit: Facebook/iWinks

The Aurora, no doubt named for the colored lights it emits right above your eyes, helps people have lucid dreams by measuring brain data through sensors embedded in the headband. By reading your brainwave signals Aurora starts to understand how you dream and your sleep habits, like how much you toss and turn.

Once you’re used to sleeping with it, the device provides audio and visual stimuli — flickering lights, or chanting audio that you can customize — alerting you you’re dreaming without waking you up. Once alerted you then have total control of your dream (at least according to lucid dreaming).

The headband works by acting as a sign that you’re dreaming (you know so you can differentiate between dream world and real world).

Sweet dreams!