Gold iPhones With Vladimir Putin’s Image Is on Sale in Russia Because… Russia

How do you show off that you’re the greatest leader ever? You have your image displayed for the whole world to see.

Julius Ceaser minted coins with his face.

Roosevelt put his face in stone.

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Now one leader has out done them all. Russian President (and shirtless horse riding trendsetter) Vladimir Putin has put his face on something he knows will be seen by all … their smart phones!

An iPhone covered in gold and bearing an image of Putin is going on sale in Russia, because Russia!


The back of the phone is made of 18-carat gold and is engraved with a portrait of Putin along with a quote from the Russian anthem.

According to BBC News, the phone is going for $4,300 — a fair price for the warm and fuzzy feeling of having the Russian president’s eyes watching you constantly!

Perla Penna, the makers of the phone, say that the phone is aimed at those “patriotic senior government officials and top executives,” or anyone Putin has yet to send to Siberia.

Thank you Putin, for upping the game!