New App Upgrades Your Food Pics With Scents

Instead of sending a selfie to your friends, how about a “smellfie?” With the power of your iPhone, soon you’ll be able to send scents to your friends.

Now champagne and passion fruit macarons have taken their place in history as the first scents to ever be sent across the Atlantic–via a new iPhone app.

Harvard scientists were able to successfully send a scent from Paris to New York with a scent-based mobile messaging app called oPhone.

ABOVE: Screenshots of the oSnap app

The app works by allowing you to take a photo of something and “tag” it with aroma notes, chosen from more than 3,000 scents. These smells–anything from caramel to fermented yogurt–are then transferred through a pipe-like attachment called the oPhone Duo. All of this is controlled by an iPhone app called oSnap.

The device has not launched yet and is still in the process of securing funding to further its development.

The oPhone has managed to raise just over $8,000 with a set goal of $150,000 in a campaign on Indiegogo that closes July 31.

The first commercial oPhones are available for presale to be produced and delivered in early 2015 for a retail price of $149.