Game of Hashtags: 2014 NBA Finals Edition

So far it’s been a heated competition between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat after the first three games of the NBA Finals.

The only place besides the court where it’s been as intense is on Twitter — where so far every game in the series has provoked the spread of a hashtag.

So far all three games have left viewers with plenty to still talk about online.

Let’s recap the series so far, through the magic of memes:

Game I: The Heat meet the Spurs in San Antonio for the start of the first rematch finals since 1998. The A/C breaks at the AT&T Center and the arena starts to get sweltering. So hot that King James himself catches a cramp — prompting #LeBroning.

The meme is simple. Have two of your friends carry you the way LeBron was lifted and carried to the bench when his leg began to cramp.

Game II: The two teams meet once more (thankfully, it seems they got a new A/C guy) at the AT&T Center.

The Miami Heat are not taking a second loss and come out fighting. Heat fans hungry for revenge get back at the Spurs fans for poking fun at LeBron with #Parkering!

Just lay down on the floor in a halfway fetal position like Tony Parker.

Game III: With the series tied one all, the match moves from Texas to the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami.

What no one expected was the Spurs to blowout the Heat in the first half of the game — where the heat trailed almost 20 points — a deficit they weren’t able to fill until the third quarter.

Heat fans were not impressed with one of their team’s members. Point Guard Mario Chalmers’ performance in Game 3 was … less than ideal, you could say.

Heat fans vented …. with #PGsBetterThanChalmers:

Pretty self explanatory. Post a picture of anyone you think is a better point guard than Mario Chalmers (aww I miss Air Bud).
With still two games left for certain what will Game IV bring? Personally my favorite has yet to catch on …

‘But .. but ref, I never touched him!’ … riiiight!