‘Orange Is The New Black’ as Performed by…Cats

Orange Is The New Black” seems to have struck a nerve with most people, becoming one of the most popular series (and a big winner for Netflix).

With stars like Taylor Schilling, Samira Wiley and Jason Biggs, millions have eagerly awaited (and some even already obsessively finished) season two.

But what can make an already popular show even better — CATS!

This new parody video did just that. Cats dressed in little orange outfits. Who knew cats looked so adorable in glasses.

Piper Catman stars in a “Petflix” original series that delves into the obscure world of house cats.

Once a stray, living wild and free Piper has been sentenced to “nine lives” with other crazy cats for smuggling drugs. She recounts her struggle in “Tabby Is The New Cat.”

Even worse, the cat that ratted her out is with her.

It’s hard being a poussey cat!

Credit: Jonathan Muñoz