North Korea Creates ‘Mushroom’ Drink

So if you thought meth tea was the only weird offering from North Korea, how about shrooms in your sports drink?

According to North Korean state media, the country has developed a top-secret sports drink out of mushroom fungus that is “very effective” in helping athletes recover (so watch out Spurs, LeBron might just have his own secret stuff in Game II).

The report comes not too long after North Korea opened a new Central Mushroom Research Institute in Pyongyang. It stated:

Researchers at the Microbiological Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences succeeded in finding the way to cultivate mushroom fungus and made a functional drink. This natural drink is very effective in enhancing physical ability of sportspersons and recovering from their fatigues.

For some bizarre reason, mushrooms seem to be of special interest to Kim-Jong-Un.

The report does not explain how the drink’s health benefits work, when it will be made widely available, or how it tastes.

So let’s help him market his new drink with an assortment of different flavors.

How about a nice creamy, sweet taste to help athletes with their daily workout regiment?

Creamy Vanilla ‘Milk Caps’

For when training requires a lactating mushroom.

And for that ‘get rid of fatigue’ energy boost during the game, a fruity tasting quench of thirst.

Raspberry ‘Russula’ Razzle

I think our dictator friend from the other side of the world is onto something here. Take that Gatorade.

So will you sample this new Korade!