Several FUSION Documentaries and Series now available on Netflix

Now you can catch some of FUSION’s award-winning documentary projects on Netflix.

The network’s documentary series “The Naked Truth,” investigative series “The Traffickers,” and documentary “Countdown to Death: Pablo Escobar” are now available for streaming.

This comes as FUSION continues to increase the reach of its programming through both traditional linear television as well as other emerging platforms.


Death by Fentanyl

A dangerous drug called fentanyl is turning the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history even deadlier. Fusion correspondent Mariana van Zeller tracks down the drug’s two sources: pharmaceutical companies and Mexican drug lords.



An investigation into web pages, which publish online police photos and charge money to eliminate them, reveals who is behind these operations.


Radicals Rising

Correspondent Mariana van Zeller gets up close and personal with extremists on all sides, to see how otherwise open-minded people are finding purpose in hatred and how that hatred is infecting even mainstream politics.


Dirty Little Secrets

What do illegal arms traffickers, human traffickers, terrorists and some billionaires have in common? They all have to hide their money. Fusion uncovers the dark world of the owners of these secrets.


District of Cannabis

Ryan Nerz circulates in the US capital to follow a man and his Cannabis crusade to the White House. There he discovers some of the weirdest laws about marijuana in the US, and who is really funding their legalization.


ISIS Fighters

Westerners are joining the fight against ISIS, “They just want to kill Daesh,” a former Marine says. As part of its latest Naked Truth documentary, Fusion’s Vytenis Didziulis travels to northern Syria to embed with the unpaid western volunteers signing up to fight the Islamic State.


Shadow Town

Fusion’s Investigative team, in collaboration with a group of young aspiring journalists, looks at Police Relations, Water Quality and Healthcare problems for the people living life in the shadows of California’s Central Valley.



The arrangement exposes a toxic fermentation of partisan politics, voter repression and traps that make it almost impossible to have free and fair elections. Natasha del Toro investigates how democracy came to this and how we can repair it.



They’ve been mocked as “The Deplorables” but they’ve changed the face of presidential politicals in 2016. Fusion profiles the real people fueling the Trump candidacy.


Frat Power

Fusion spent nearly a year investigating college fraternities and their influence on and off campus. It turns out that one of the real paths to power may lie in whether you pledge a fraternity or not.