Trump Team takes its Fondness for Discrimination into Battle Against Net Neutrality

The Trump administration’s twin passions for discrimination and deregulation have come together neatly in the government’s latest project: killing net neutrality.

Net neutrality is, in short, how we do internet. It’s the fundamental principle that says all web content is created equal. And it prevents internet service providers from putting their thumbs on the scale to speed up, slow down, or block certain content from viewers.

Net neutrality “creates a level playing field for all websites and services online so that corporations like Comcast and AT&T aren’t able to offer an unfair advantage to one service for another,” explains reporter Dell Cameron, who covers issues of privacy and security for Gizmodo.

That’s a little too much democracy for Trump’s liking. His administration’s fight to end net neutrality is part of its greater efforts to deregulate the country and “hand more power over to corporate America,” Cameron told The Feed’s Ryan Nerz. But in doing so, the government is also effectively killing the mechanism that prevents online discrimination, Cameron says.

“Net neutrality is, at heart, about preventing discrimination online,” Cameron said, quoting Malkia Cyril, executive director for the Center for Media Justice. “That makes this inherently a civil rights issue.”

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