John Leguizamo Celebrates Latino History as an Act of Resistance

John Leguizamo doesn’t shy away from the responsibility that comes with fame.

“Anybody who has any kind of power needs to speak out and stand up for everybody,” the Colombian-born actor and playwright told Jorge Ramos during an interview for Real America, airing Tuesday night at 10pm on Fusion.

John Leguizamo and Jorge Ramos

John Leguizamo and Jorge Ramos

Leguizamo says the call to activism is especially important for famous Latinos, who must use their voices to advocate for those who face discrimination, marginalization, and invisibilization in the United States. Speaking out is what separates an artist from an entertainer.

“An entertainer entertains, and that’s needed too. But an artist is somebody who stands up for things, and I think that those who have a voice need to stand up and speak out,” Leguizamo told Ramos.

“We have to resist and persist. You can’t quit, and you gotta be vocal. You have to stand up and speak up.”

- John Leguizamo

That’s exactly what Leguizamo is doing with his new Broadway show, Latin History for Morons, which opened earlier this month in New York. The show highlights the untold contributions that Latinos have made to U.S. history, from its founding with the American Revolution to the country we are today.

The Broadway show is a Latino people’s history of the United States, focusing on a side of the story that’s been ignored, neglected, and forgotten for centuries. It’s an important lesson in the age of Trump.

“This administration has been very disrespectful, and we are very vulnerable to a lot of negative propaganda,” Leguizamo says. “I think part of the reason I did the show is because our contributions to America are not listed, they’re not celebrated, they’re not mentioned, and we’ve been here since the beginning of the formation of this country…We are the sons and daughters of the American Revolution.”

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