CIA Director John Brennan Defends Drones When Asked If They Are a ‘Recruitment Bonanza for Terrorists’

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked CIA Director John Brennan about referring to waterboarding as a “recruitment bonanza” for terrorists in the past, and whether drone attacks could be considered the same thing.

“The president has a responsibility that if there is no other option to be able to stop these individuals from carrying out these attacks, he needs to use the tools at his disposal,” Brennan said.

Brennan insisted that the CIA engages only in activities “to keep this country safe” under its legal mandate.

“People who think that we are this organization that is involved in these unlawful, illegal activities and we’re just doing this on our own behalf, really do not understand what the agency is about. We’re a law abiding organization,” Brennan said.

“The so-called drones are part of an array of capabilities that the U.S. government has,” he said, “that it uses for collecting intelligence and trying to identify individuals that are involved in terrorist activities.”