A Conversation Between Jeff and Mark Bezos

As the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has been a world-changing force in business and technology, pioneering innovations that have transformed retail, media, cloud computing, and the aerospace industry.

His early vision for a new kind of shopping experience upended traditional retail and ultimately altered fundamental aspects of modern life. His personal purchase of The Washington Post and Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market have further cemented Bezos’s extraordinary influence on culture.

In this first-of-its-kind conversation with his brother Mark, a seasoned marketing executive, longtime member of the leadership council at the Robin Hood Foundation, and a volunteer fireman, the Bezos brothers discuss early influences, the successful habits and strategies they’ve developed during their respective journeys, and the most important shifts in business and society that are just on the horizon.

Here is a link to the clips from the Bezos brothers’s conversation produced in partnership between Summit and Fusion and filmed during the Bezos’s conversation at the Summit LA17 event in Los Angeles.