Last Minute Halloween Plans? No Problem.

Still don’t have a Halloween costume, but do have a friend? Here are three pop culture-inspired costumes for you and that special person in your life who agreed to use their Prime account to get you a costume in time.

Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls)

In our times of political turmoil and social unrest, I can’t say it’s not tempting to retreat back to the simpler times of the early 2000s. The CW was still the WB! Teens hadn’t gotten sexy yet in Gossip Girl, and the reigning GG was the adorable, caffeine-addicted Gilmore Girls. Pay homage to the couple whose “will they or won’t they” relationship gripped a generation of book-loving girls, their mothers, and the brothers who “got roped into watching.”

For Lorelai you’ll need:

-Bootcut Jeans

-Band T-shirt (bonus points if it’s the B-52s!)

-Skinny scarf (2000-2005 was a chillier time, the reign of the infinity scarf was still on the horizon—long live its coziness)

-Clutch sized shoulder bag (just big enough for your Motorola RAZR)

-Coffee Cup (because, uh, duh)

For Luke you’ll need:

-Worn jeans (Can’t look too new! Luke hasn’t bought jeans since 1994)

-Plaid Shirt

-Backwards Baseball Cap

-Curmudgeonly disdain for processed foods, excessive consumerism, and cell phones

Dylan Maxwell and Peter Maldonado (American Vandal)

This Netflix series is a pitch-perfect parody of Serial and pretty much every other true-crime doc out there. Except the true crime in this scenario is the spray painting of dicks across cars in the faculty parking lot. Suspect #1 is Dylan Maxwell, the stoner kid who “fits the bill” for the culprit, and attempting to uncover the truth is Peter Maldonado—the kid who spends all his time in The A.V. Club. No wonder our office loves this show so much!

For Dylan you’ll need:

-A hoodie

-Scene T-shirt (any skater brand of your choice!)

-A perpetual state of confusion

For Peter you’ll need:

-Glasses (make sure they’re not too trendy—Peter’s not a Warby Parker guy, if you catch my drift)


-Voice recorder (bonus points if you follow your Dylan around all night, ready to record an impromptu confession)

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge (Riverdale)

Riverdale is the loose adaptation of the Archie comics, so if you’re entering a Riverdale binge expecting a carefree comic book romp, you’re going to be surprised. Instead you’ll be greeted with murder, conspiracies, and a very moody Cole Sprouse. However as with any good teen series, at the heart of it is a female friendship for the ages. Veronica Lodge is the rich girl whose Manhattan upbringing makes her an initial fish out of water in Riverdale, but who finds her groove after befriending the town sweetheart, Betty Cooper. Betty and Veronica are aesthetic opposites, but true mates of the soul. These costumes are also an excellent excuse to drink a malt shake throughout your Halloween festivities.

For Betty you’ll need:

-Pink cardigan

-White-collared blouse

-High-pony, ends curled (Betty keeps the hair out of her face, better to concentrate on chasing down a potential lead)

-Innocent eyes that twinkle at the idea of mischief (See, Ms. Cooper is an expert at playing the role of the girl next door, but she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve)

For Veronica you’ll need:

-Pearl necklace

-Black dress

-Black heels

-Raven hair (I insist on this; we don’t need Betty to be blonde, but Veronica is a brunette icon and as brunette myself, I cherish this aspect of her dearly)

All set? Ponytails tied, plaid shirts buttoned? Perfect. Happy Halloween! Stay spooky.