Drones Are Now Providing Poolside Service in Las Vegas

It’s raining champagne!

Not really, but bottles are coming from the sky at the Marquee DayClub Pool in Las Vegas.

In an effort to further raise the bar on excess and modern technology, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (the pool is part of the hotel) has introduced its latest in high-roller amenities in the form of poolside bottle service — BY DRONE!

Forget Amazon’s idea to ship packages to people faster than a pizza delivery, forget police using drones to catch criminals, this is what drones were made for.

Total laziness by the pool being pampered and spoiled by robots.

The club introduced the airborne bottle service program during this year’s Memorial Day weekend. As a parting gift, the drone delivery package also included a photo of the moment and an aerial shot of the party.

But slow your roll, high roller. If you think you’re just going to lounge by the pool with a bottle of Ciroc delivered via flying robot, you better have a deep pocket to pay for it.

According to Vegas Seven, there’s a minimum of $20,000 bottle buy as a requirement. No word yet if the drones are equipped for you to slide your credit card. Um, yea, I’ll just grab a towel and go to the bar myself.

Let us watch the future:

But what happens when that one person who’s had a little too much bubbly tries to ride his bartender? Only time will tell!