Nacho Mama’s Hummus: Hummusgate Hits FDA

Spit that fake hummus out yo’ mouth!

Every time you take a bite of some delicious black bean hummus, you may not be eating hummus at all– not because you’re living in some virtually simulated world where nothing really exists, but because the FDA may change the definition of hummus.

Its all thanks to hummus producers, Sabra. The company wants any product labeled hummus to contain chickpeas and tahini. So no edamame hummus, frijole hummus, groundhog hummus (we made up that last one).

The FDA could very well change the definition of hummus by providing what they call a Standard of Identity. Lots of food products have these very specific standards (for example, ice cream must contain at least 10% milk fat. Mmmmm…. Milk fat…).

Basically, Sabra invested a lot of money to mainstream hummus and they probably don’t want to share their tasty label. And let’s face it– black bean dip sounds like you’re throwing a 1950s potluck complete with pork chops a-la Jello-O.