Immersive VR Experience of ‘Mars 2030’ Takes You On A Mission to the Red Planet

Our friends at FMG Studios launched Mars 2030, an immersive VR experience now available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Steam PC, with PlayStation VR debuting soon.

Built to be the most realistic Mars VR experience to date, Mars 2030 blurs the lines between science, engineering, and entertainment. To offer the most authentic possible experience, it was developed with NASA under the Space Act Agreement using actual data from leading experts on the Mars human mission.


Mars 2030 gives users the chance to:

  • Navigate the expansive and beautiful Martian landscape, including the Planetary Protection Zones.
  • Discover the history of the planet through the Haley Simulations that give a glimpse of Mars 4 billion years ago.
  • Collect rock samples and analyze specimens in the Geolab workstation’s VR Microscope, uncovering the planet’s hidden secrets.
  • Explore the Habitat Base, which has been modeled after NASA’s designs for its own Mars habitats, including the VR Communications Center that can contact “Houston” and loved ones back on Earth.
  • Get a first-hand, realistic look at technologies and equipment considered for missions to Mars.


Download Mars 2030 for PC right now on Steam: