What it means to celebrate the 4th of July under Donald Trump

For the majority of Americans who fall somewhere on the spectrum of being mildly to entirely appalled by Donald Trump’s presidency, this year’s July 4th celebration may feel like a half-mast affair.

As you gather around the grill watching the sizzling hot dogs and holding a small batch saison from a craft brewery that you’ve never heard of, you may ask yourself: Is it hypocritical to raise my beer to America’s freedom when the man in the White House is attacking the basic rights that this country was built on?

Will I go blind if I toast America’s independence at a time when our president and his flunkies are under investigation for colluding with Russia?

Can I still go bottoms up to a country that’s been turned upside down?

These are all valid questions, Gentle Reader. Your apprehension is justified. The fact that you’re even having these thoughts means you still have a patriot pulse.

Yes, Trump is an offense to the basic freedoms, liberties, protections, and equalities that this country stands for. He’s rolling back the sexual and reproductive rights of women, attacking freedom of the press, confusing our friends with our enemies, banning muslims, rounding up the tired and huddled masses who were invited here by Lady Liberty, ruining our country’s 240-year-old international reputation, and turning our imperfect democracy into a perfect kakocracy. He has no understanding of history or government, and probably couldn’t tell you how a bill becomes a law.

Trump is boorish, hateful, petty, misogynistic, mendacious, ignorant, and lecherous. This guy’s like Caligula with a Twitter account.

But America is bigger and better than Donald Trump. We’re reminded of this almost every day— from the historic Women’s March on DC, to the spontaneous protests to Trump’s Muslim ban; from the LGBTQ pride dance parties in front of the Pence residence, to the grassroots resistance to Trump’s immigration roundups; from the town-hall pushback to the administration’s efforts to repeal Obamacare, to efforts to defend our environment against the president’s dark-ages assault on science and data. The daily resistance to Trump is remarkable. He really is Making America Great Again, just not like he intended.

America is woke. Solidarity is strong. The protests are clever. We’re showing that the U.S. isn’t such a pushover, and that our values and freedoms are worth defending from all threats foreign and domestic.

So raise your beer to America this 4th of July. God knows she could use a drink.