Second acts to be savored

This week’s episode of The A.V. Club Show is about second acts. On the episode, John will demonstrate the best way to orchestrate a Second Act if you are a celebrity in crisis. Plus, Lea Thompson will talk about her own personal second act. But, since our show is only a mere half hour, we can’t fit in all the things we want to talk about. So I write about those things on this weekly entry. Behold, my picks for Best Second Acts of 2017 so far.

Master of None Season Two

I was not on board for Master of None season one. I wasn’t emotionally invested in Aziz Ansari’s “tragically single nice guy” character, Dev. Despite this, I had to show up and support the half-hour comedy created and starring numerous people of color as it entered its second season. I’m glad I did. While season one of the series proved that an Asian-American male could hold the romantic lead, Master of None’s second season took diversity and representation that much further. In the first episode, there are two POC’s from two different countries traveling in Italy. I mean, come on. You just don’t see that anywhere else on TV. People of color are everywhere in this show, in supporting roles, in the background, the leads, everywhere. “Thanksgiving,” starring Lena Waithe, is the best episode of the series, and “New York I Love You” was a sweet love letter to the urban working class.


A Seat At The Table came out last year, but I have to put Solange on this list. She’s one of my favorite Second Acts and the woman who gave me the courage to try high-waisted shorts. The shorts still look awful on me but that hasn’t kept me from loving watching Solange grow from being Beyonce’s sister who sang “The Proud Family” anthem to crafting an individual aesthetic so beautifully and uniquely all her own. Besides putting out what I think is the best album of 2016, Solange made her debut as a performance artist at the Guggenheim in 2017. The elite institution was reclaimed by Solange and other black and brown bodies disrupting the space, which is literally- and metaphorically- white. It was everything I tried to be in my junior year of college experimental poetry phase but wasn’t.

Box Braids

Anyone who knows me knows I really do love fashion and beauty and all of the riches that capitalism can offer me. But, I am lazy. That’s why I am so excited that box braids are back in style for their Second Act. They were all the rage in the ’90s with stars like Lauryn Hill rocking hers in Sister Act II (my actual favorite movie) and Brandy killing it on Moesha. But the early ’00s were all about sleek relaxed styles. Now, stars like Zoe Kravitz and even Gabrielle Union are bringing long braids back in style. I am just holding out that high top fades will have a much deserved second act.

Chill Dude Obama

This year has not been the best president-wise. I think you agree, because, let’s be real, liberals read the same websites. However, 2017 has been a great year for former president Obama and his joyous Second Act. He is thoroughly enjoying his life as a chill dude who hangs. I, for one, love seeing Obama on a jet ski.

Everyday I am bombarded with awful news about the group of demons that is our current administration, people who seem to be dead set on making the lives of the most vulnerable people in our nation harder. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, emerges a picture of Obama hanging out and being happy on a beach. For a moment, the demons fade into the background.