Meet the Hot Social Media-Star Pastor From Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

The pictures from the Kimye wedding are out, and I we know what you’re thinking. Who’s that devilishly handsome guy that looks like he should be one of the guests up there on the altar with Kim and Kanye?

That, friends is the pastor who officiated the entire ceremony. (Who were you expecting, the Pope? Then again, Kimye’s probably not above petitioning the Vatican for that.)

This handsome man is 30-year-old associate pastor of Trinity Church, Rich Wilkerson Jr., from Miami.

According to People magazine, he comes from a long line of pastors: His grandfather and great uncle worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. His father, the senior pastor of the church, has a relief ministry to Haiti.

So how did a man of God and the self-proclaimed Yeezus meet? You could say it was by chance, or you could say it was by fate.

Wilkerson leads a 1500-member young adult ministry called the Rendezvous, with services every week in Miami. According to his website, “music, teaching, discipleship, and the arts are the catalyst used to encourage and inspire this generation to live for Christ.”

About two years ago the couple randomly showed up unannounced to one of Wilkerson’s weekly services and soon hit it off with him. Kim and Kanye began attending church regularly when they were in town.

West said that he started to see Wilkerson as a spiritual advisor/ and spoke to him about how to portray Jesus onstage during a performance of “Jesus Walks.” Who knew Kanye needed advice on how to act like God’s gift to Earth.

“I talked to my friend Pastor Rich that has the church down in Miami and asked him about it,” West told KMEL radio in 2013. “And my girl asked him separately, too.”

The celebrity lookalike pastor (who has been compared to Leonardo DeCaprio) Instagrammed a photo booth shot with Kim and Kanye after the ceremony was over.

We’re all just going to have to catch all the craziness that is sure to ensue the newly married couple on the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The camera crew with the show captured the whole thing–and it’s sure to feature an appearance from Wilkerson Jr.

And for those of you still doubting he looks like Leo, here you go:

Told you!


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