A visual history of Jared Leto’s hair from 1998 to now

We love Jared Leto and his photo-bombing self so much that we recently let him photo-bomb our Miami office — okay, not really, but we did make this nifty cardboard cutout of him.

Sad news, though, for fans of his perfect merman hair: this cut-out is now a period piece. In preparation to play the Joker, it turns out Leto finally sheared the locks he’s been rocking since about 2013.

It’s okay — you can still take pictures of his former long, ombre hair to your stylist to try to achieve that perfection. And, frankly, nobody should be too upset. Jared’s been a hair chameleon since the 1990s (and has looked about the same age ever since). Maybe the secret in staying youthful is switching up your look?

As proof, here’s a visual history of his hair from 1998 to 2015. Did you forget the brief bleached-and-pink mohawk? The gravity-defying poof thing? It’s all here. It’s all so Jared.