World Cup Warning: Don’t Scream

If you’re planning on attending this year’s World Cup, Brazilian authorities have a few words of advice for you, the BBC reports. Topping the list is: “in the case of a robbery DON’T REACT, SCREAM OR ARGUE.”

Brazil is expecting more than 700,000 tourists during the World Cup and before their arrival, law enforcement is asking embassies, consulates and airlines around the globe to distribute brochures with what they call “basic security tips.” Among the advice, police ask tourists to refrain from lonely evening strolls and flaunting valuable objects, while also being constantly aware of their surroundings, being extra careful at night and making sure they aren’t being followed. The pamphlets will be printed in English, French and Spanish.

Brazil – which happens to have one of the highest crime rates in the world – is adding thousands of additional police officers to the streets during the games due to a recent crime surge in many of the host cities. Newly released statistics show that in Rio de Janeiro, for example, street muggings in the first quarter of 2014 shot up 44 percent. Authorities claim these “safety brochures” are a way to avoid “crying over spilled milk” later on.


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