Always Be My Crazy: Mariah Carey Makes Us Go Huh?!

Mariah Carey is the epitome of a diva. While we won’t knock her vocal abilities and long list of musical credits, we can’t get over the fact Mariah Carey might just be a 16-year-old, Hello Kitty-loving, butterfly-wearing girl trapped inside a grown woman’s body.

In case you missed it, Mariah announced the title of her upcoming album with a video we can only assume she recorded laying in bed in a nightgown. And the title is a mouthful of classic Mariah narcissism: Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.

Apparently the inspiration for it stems from Mariah’s “first and only” self-portrait which she drew at just three years old:

If Mariah’s breathy voice has you confused and longing for more classic, crazy Mariah moments, here are some of Mrs. Nick Cannon’s most memorable moments:

The time she laid down on the couch during a Home Shopping Network shoot, and didn’t think they’d show her on camera

While pregnant with #dembabies, Mariah made an appearance on the Home Shopping Network and decided to lay down for a rest. In this video, the singer is less than thrilled when she realizes they are showing her on camera.

That time she showed up to TRL unnanounced

In 2001, Mariah surprised TRL host Carson Daly when she showed up unannounced in an oversized purple T-shirt with the word “Loverboy” airbrushed on it, and proceeded to hand out ice cream to the audience. Speculation that she was intoxicated ran rampent, and shortly after Carey was hospitalized due to the classic celebrity go-to: exhaustion.

That time she threw major diva shade at Jennifer Lopez:

During the interview below, Mariah has nothing but praise for Beyonce. But when the subject turns to Jennifer Lopez, she replies with the type of shade that only Mariah can give: “I don’t know her.” Jennifer got the last laugh, though, replacing Mariah on American Idol after her season provided lackluster ratings.

That time she took us inside her butterfly room

Proving our theory Mariah might be a 16-year-old inside,, we were introduced to her “butterfly room” during one of the most epic episodes of MTV’s Cribs:

That time she cursed on live television due to a wardrobe malfunction

During Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series, Mariah stood in front of a Central Park crowd, and simply was not ready to perform, due to a wardrobe malfunction. Check out the video in which she tells Lara Spencer she typically is going to sleep at the time GMA airs, drops a curse word on live TV, and is less than pleased with her Versace gown. Most quotable moment? “I love you Donatella, put it popped darling!”

The way she sings to #dembabies

When it was time to introduce the world to #dembabies, Mariah Carey naturally invited the legendary Barbara Walters to her home. We learned a lot about Mariah’s challenging pregnancy, but what please us the most was the way she changes lyrics to sing to her twins. Watch at 09:40 how she serenades her son Morroco, a.k.a. Rocky:

That time she and Nick Cannon renewed their vows while dressed in costume

We still can’t get over the fact that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are married. To prove their love, the couple renewed their vows with a private ceremony at Disneyland, in full Cinderella and Prince Charming costumes. Luckily for us, the “private ceremony” included Entertainment Tonight cameras.