Jennette McCurdy and the “iCarly” cast had an informal reunion

It’s time for another sign that you’re growing up and older. Remember the cast of “iCarly?”

Here’s how most of them looked the other night when they got together for an informal snap for co-star Miranda Cosgrove’s ‘Gram:

Got to see these guys tonight 🙂

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Time flies — and they’re all grown up. And from among that bunch, it’s co-star Jennette McCurdy — who, of course, later played Sam alongside Ariana Grande’s Cat on “Sam and Cat” — about whom we’re most excited.

She’s now 22 years old, and after spending a big chunk of her life as an actress on Nickelodeon, she’s movin’ on up to a more ambitious project — a new series forthcoming for Netflix called “Between.”

“Between” centers on a town infected by a disease that kills everyone older than 22 years old. In other words, this is serious stuff — and definitely different than McCurdy’s past comedic Nickelodeon roles.

“For me, after ‘Sam and Cat’ ended, my goal was to do projects that I really was passionate about. So sometimes people would say, ‘Why didn’t you stay with comedy?’” McCurdy told Fusion recently. “It wasn’t about that. It was about, well if I see a script, and I connect with the script, and I connect with the character, and I like the people involved, then that kind of speaks for itself.”

But, clearly, according to that Instagram, she’s still proudly waving the former-tween-star flag, and keeps in touch with her former Nick co-stars.

“I am in touch with pretty much everybody that I have worked with in the past. I think that you can’t go through an experience like being in the, I’m going to say … the Nickelodeon machine, not in a derogatory way,” McCurdy says. “You can’t go through that machine at the same time as other people and not have a really special bond with them. So I think we all kind of root each other on and hope for success for each other.”

Here’s another thing she carries over from her Nickelodeon days: ultra-devoted fans, more than six million of them on Twitter alone. Let’s just say they’re thorough, as McCurdy explained recently to Fusion’s Jessica Blank.

We’ll have a lot more on “Between” coming up on Fusion — but in the meantime, check out what McCurdy thinks about her fans on Twitter.