First Cat Coffee Shop in US

You will soon be able to get your caffeine fix and your feline fix, all in the same place. Purina, the pet food brand, is opening a pop-up cat café location this Thursday in New York City, making it America’s first cat coffee shop.

The cat/coffee combos are already huge in Japan. Animal lovers sip on their favorite roasts and have full access to petting and playing with cats that roam freely in the shops.

Celebrity cat lover Katy Perry couldn’t miss the opportunity of tweeting a photo from a cat café in Tokyo:

The NYC Purnia cat café is only open through Sunday but we are sure more cat-friendly establishments will pop-up soon. And don’t worry, if you get too attached, the cats at the NYC spot will be available for adoption through the North Shore Animal League.

Can’t make it to NYC this weekend? Get your feline fix online with countless videos of the hot spots in Japan:

And something we hope we see at a cat café…A cat fishing for another cat: