Got Balls? What About a Dinette? Five Exquisitely Campy Local Commercials

Iowa senate hopeful, Bob Quast, raised many an eyebrow with his now-viral ironic campaign promo. The toothy grinned small business owner from Davenport, Iowa knows exactly what to do with his glock:

While Quast’s tongue-in-cheek humor carries over to his website (his bio boastfully reveals that Quast received straight A’s through grades one through 12) he’s not our first self-aware commercial hit. Here are our five favorite low-budget local commercials:

Created by Commercial Kings, Rhett & Link, for their IFC show of the same name, it’s the internet phenomenon, Ojai Valley Taxidermy— featuring everyone’s favorite taxidermist, Chuck Testa. Testa’s dry delivery doesn’t reflect much irony; however, we’re not sure if being in bed with Testa and a dead bear is something to celebrate.

If you’ve ever ridden the D or F train in New York, you may be familiar with Dr. Zizmor. His iconic rainbow posters once lined the overhead ads. However, we think everyone in America needs to be singing “THANK YOU, DR. ZIZMOR!”

This next commercial hit viral status after being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s the smooth rapping Sammy Stephens of Flea Market Montgomery. Now, who needs a dinette?

If you lived in Central Florida in the early 2000s and spent many a sleepless night flicking through the television, then you may be familiar with our next commercial duo. Family Auto Mart had a local “television show” that included skits to promote their used car dealership. The most popular of those skits was “Fixin’ Ta Learn Ya,” a possible predecessor to Duck Dynasty featuring two boneheaded hillbillies.

Our last commercial spokesman isn’t technically a man despite his namesake. Eagle Man flew into the scene way back in 1993 and hatched some of the lowest rates in auto insurance. How a male eagle is able to lay eggs is beyond our comprehension; however, that’s nothing compared to the gravity-defying hair styles.