Argentine Scientists Harnessing the Power of Cow Farts with Backpacks

Remember all that talk about how cows produce up to 25 percent of methane emissions, that evil greenhouse gas that contributies to climate change? Some scientists in Argentina may have found a way to harness this noxious gas to power some small scale energy-dependent devices such as a refrigerators or cars. A project from Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology, this new venture puts plastic backpacks on cow’s rears to collect methane via a tube in their rear. Why are they doing this? Most likely because a car or a fridge can burn through 300 liters of methane a day, which is just about how much a cow produces via farting.

cow fart methane argentina

According to the INTA, this isn’t meant to be a larger solution to harnessing alternative energy, but as a means to show that it is possible to harness the power of… well, cow farts. Given how Argentina has a large cow population—around 51 million—it might also prove to be helpful to area farmers.