Meet Hot Mexicali Producer and DJ ‘Siete Catorce’

Marco Polo Gutiérrez (aka “Siete Catorce” and “Den5hion”) is the hot new producer/DJ scorching dance floors all across Mexico. A considerable country-wide buzz has been built around his mix of Glitch-Hop, EDM, Cumbia and the occasional sampled guitar riff, earning him top spots in Mexico’s most important music festivals, such as Vive Latino and NRMAL.

At just 20 years old, and after growing up mostly in Oakland, he has managed to capture some of the darker aspects of Mexico’s youth culture psyche. His music is undoubtedly south-of-the-border but is miles away from the regular “kitsch,” vernacular-pop romanticizing fare that regularly attracts the imagination of foreign ears. Even though his rhythms may be perceived as dance-oriented, his computer generated musings have proven to be both honest and poignant, setting him apart from the crowd-pleasing/hard-partying focus of his peers; concocting a style that just can’t be heard anywhere else.

Starting out from his Mexicali bedroom as an internet sensation a little more than a year ago, he has rapidly become a part of the prestigious Tijuana based “Ruidoson” scene, later releasing a free EP with South American net-label Cocobass, followed by another one with the EDM conglomerate NAAFI from Mexico City. But to truly keep up with his music, check out his SoundCloud page, where new tracks keep springing up every other day.