Jared Leto Delivers Oscar-Worthy Speech

Dear Jared Leto,

Last night at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, your work for “Dallas Buyers Club” was recognized, your character celebrated and the story that took 20 years to make it to the big screen was awarded the highest honor in Hollywood.

I was thrilled with your win not just because the underdog film got the recognition it deserved but because it gave you and co-star Matthew McConaughey another opportunity to give an acceptance speech as brilliantly crafted as the film. After all…I wasn’t thrilled with your last round of speech-giving.

And Jared – you delivered.

Of course I expect you to thank the people who helped you make the film, your co-stars and collaborators. I understand that these people are the ones who allowed you to fully embrace the role of Rayon. But I was particularly moved when you said this:

“This is for the thirty-six million people who have lost the battle to AIDS and to those of you out there who have ever felt injustice because of who you are and who you love.”

Well done, Jared. You proved that you’ve been touched and transformed by a reality that’s not your own, but a reality for over 35 million people worldwide.

As for your co-star Matthew McConaughey – though he did mention those suffering from HIV and AIDS on the red carpet, he did not mention it on stage, while accepting his award for best actor. He made his choice in his own right. I’ve said my piece.