Beyonce drops 8-minute mini-doc on racial injustice

Beyonce’s performance of the gospel song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” at the GRAMMYs, though well-received, created an uproar on Twitter: That slot originally belonged to Ledisi. The soul singer played Mahalia Jackson and performed the song in the movie “Selma” and, reportedly, had been rehearsing the song for the Grammys broadcast until days before.

Now, Beyonce’s taken it a step further and released a mini-documentary, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord: The Voices.” The eight-minute short features a series of interviews with the singers from her powerful Grammys performance, discussing Ferguson, Eric Garner, and what it means to be a black person in America today.


The video, which was released on and Beyonce’s YouTube account, is shot in black and white, and addresses race in a way Beyonce has shied away from in the past. The message is clear: It’s time to look at and talk about race differently in America, and Beyonce is not afraid to use her monumental platform as a springboard for those conversations.

Take a look.