Crowd Control: Michael Brun – From MD to EDM

It’s hard to keep track of who’s who these days in the world of dance music (or EDM as you may calling it with a groan.) That’s especially since there’s an electronic music festival every weekend and your eyes can’t keep up with the hundreds of names listed on the lineup. But leave it to us to find the proverbial diamonds (or DJs) in the rough. We found that sparkle in Michael Brun!

His story reads like a movie script, starting with his migration with his family as a pre-teen from Haiti to Miami. Later, he would start medical school – only to then break it to his folks that he was taking a leave of absence to become a DJ. But as they say, big rewards come with big risks.

He recalls the day he received an email from fellow DJ/producer turned mentor, Dirty South, asking to sign one of his songs to his label. “I didn’t believe it was him,” Michael told us. But after a follow-up email, Brun knew his luck was about to change big time.

Since then, he’s garnered respect from superstar dance acts like Tiesto and Avicii, entered the Beatport music charts at number two for his collaboration with Dirty South, and been named one of the top five most creative Millenials in Miami in Ocean Drive magazine. And now, most notably, you can find him on the lineup to perform at the iconic Coachella music festival in Indio, California this spring.

At age 21, he’s barely able to purchase alcohol, but Michael is living every college kid’s dream. Heck, it’s anybody’s dream for that matter.

Watch more of Michael Brun’s (@MichaelBrun) story above in his interview with DNA entertainment correspondent Jordan Diaz (@Jordan_Diaz).