SNL Ended Racism by Hiring Sasheer Zamata, Right?

Dear Saturday Night Live,

Everyone is really excited about Sasheer Zamata!!!

Sure – there will be that asterisk next to her name – that she was a mid-season diversity hire – but she’ll thrive under pressure. That’s kinda what SNL is all about, anyway. And the show announced today it hired two more black female writers to its staff.

So we have three new black women on SNL…I guess we totally live in a post-racial America, right?

I thought it happened back in 2002 when Halle Berry won the Academy Award for “Monster’s Ball”…but no.

I mean, we all thought Barack Obama being elected president would do it…It didn’t.

Not even Quentin Tarantino blowing himself up in “Django Unchained” could break us through to post-racial America.

But it seems you’ve finally done it, SNL. Sure…you’ve only had two Latino cast members: Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen…Armisen also counts as your only-ever Asian-American…and you’ve never had a Latina in the cast.

But…you know what? A lack of actual Latinas has never held you back from parodying Latinas.

I love watching non-Latinas parody Latinas as much as Latina actresses must enjoy auditioning for the role of Maria the Maid.

SNL – here’s what I really think. You can get back to letting anyone of any race, gender, or color play anyone else, of any race, gender, or color as soon as you hire somebody of that race, gender, and color.

It’s easy! Once you have one of each, you can mix and match!

Then we can all comfortably admit that nobody is a funnier Whoopi Goldberg than Kenan Thompson.

Much as I’m eager to watch a Latina parody other Latinas, I really can’t wait to see her parody white people…

Who knows. That may be the moment we become a post-racial America.