5 Useful Life Hacks For 2014

Sure, your resolutions for 2014 probably include some of the Greatest Hits. But let yourself off the hook. You don’t need to beat yourself up over not losing those last 10 pounds. You don’t have to write the next Great American Novel.

Try these life hacks from DNA instead. Some of this could come in handy way more than an unused gym membership.

Get Revenge With Red Bottoms

You know how we make all kinds of comments about women killing it in high heels? Here’s how you can commit actual shoe-icide if it comes down to it. DNA correspondent Bianca Perez shows you how to defend yourself using only a pair of stilettos.

Chuck Your Job and Make Your Own –- No Matter How Weird It Is

Check out how this guy did it. So what if it involves throwing boulders and flipping tractor tires over and over? This is your year – quit your cubicle and follow your dream, no matter how fringe it is.

Break the Female Dating Code

If you want to ask a lady out, pay attention to the signals she’s giving you. Check out this episode of Smooth Talk With Omar for serious instructions on how to read them.

Write Your Own Rags to Riches Story

It’s still possible! Check out how retired NBA star Derek Anderson made it happen. Well, pro balling is most likely not in your future. But he still shares some useful tips on landing your own loot and, more importantly, holding onto it.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

If all else fails, don’t bother trying to be better. Just try to look better. On social media, no one will know the difference.