Five (Or More) Celebs Caught Off-Guard on Video in 2013

Celebrities and entertainers – as pop culture junkies we love ‘em, but we also love to see what makes them really tick. And that means occasionally straying from the press junket-approved unofficial script.

And in these five clips from DNA, that’s exactly what we did. Grilling an actor about cinematic sloppy seconds? Actually getting slapped by one of the hottest actresses on TV? It’s all in a day’s work for the crew from Fusion’s show DNA.

Casey Affleck Plays the No Filter Game

DNA correspondent Jordan Diaz was supposed to be asking Casey Affleck about his turn as a tortured ex-soldier in Out of the Furnace. But instead, things took a turn for the weird when Jordan decided to ask Casey some personal questions – and then, to help him reenact a dramatic scene.

Hits and Disses at the American Music Awards

So what if our carpet spot at the American Music Awards was only, like, within general range of the event? So what if the A-listers didn’t really want to talk to us? DNA correspondent Arielle Castillo still made it happen – uh, most of the time.


ABC World News’ David Muir stopped by the Fusion newsroom for a special live broadcast before we launched. Somehow, Jordan Diaz and fellow DNA correspondent Bianca Perez managed to get him in the same frame, for the first time ever, as a twerking incident.

Smashing Time With Venus Williams

The setup? Tennis star Venus Williams was supposed to talk to Jordan Diaz about her new venture as an interior designer. The reality? They decided to take things to the courts.

The Telenovela Slap Heard ‘Round the World

Zuleyka Rivera is widely regarded as one of the sultriest telenovela stars on TV. So what could DNA host Derrick Ashong possibly have done to deserve a slap from her?